2 Signs Your Home's Double-Pane Windows Need Repairing

Lately, you may have noticed a draft coming from one or more of your home's windows. You may have also noticed that the interior window sills always seem moist after it rains, leading you to wonder if there are any gaps or holes that need to be fixed. If so, look for the following signs that your home's double-pane windows need repairing.

1.  Mold Starts Growing on the Caulking on the Inside of the Windows

One sign that your windows could benefit from a repair service is when you start to see mold growing on the caulking along the panes inside of your home. While the mold typically gathers at the bottom of the panes, it can also be found in the corners growing along the sides.

If there is mold growing on the caulking, this issue usually means that water is getting its way through both panes and leaking in through micro-cracks and holes in the caulk. And, since the caulk is often porous, it stays wet, giving the mold spores an ideal spot to attach, take root, and grow.

To fix this issue, caulking and glazing can be replaced. However, this is often delicate work and should be left up to a professional so that you do not break the glass.

2.  Condensation Forms Between the Panes of the Windows

Even if you do not see mold growing on the interior caulking, that does not mean that water is not making its way through the windows at least partially. You may find that the windows fog up, especially after a rainfall or early in the morning as the sun hits them.

If this is the case, moisture is seeping through around the exterior window panes and settling between them. As the sun hits the windows, it causes the water to evaporate, which then causes condensation to form on the insides of the windows.

While one do-it-yourself method of releasing some of the moisture involves drilling a pinpoint hole in the glass, this is not advisable. You risk shattering the glass. A professional can repair the old caulking so that the water does not get in between the panels.

When water is getting inside the windows and/or leaking into your house, you need a professional to make adjustments and fix the issue. Contact a business that offers window repair services near you to have them inspect the windows, find the problem areas, and take the necessary action to fix any problems that they may find.

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