Understanding The Basics Of Caring For Glass Shower Doors

Investing in glass shower doors can significantly enhance the appearance of your bathroom. However, glass shower enclosures will require more maintenance and care than traditional shower enclosures to keep them looking good. If you want to be sure that your glass shower enclosure looks like new all the time, here's a look at what you need to know.

Choose Coated Glass

When you order your glass shower enclosure, you'll have a lot of different options for types of glass. Look for a glass option that includes protective coatings to shield the glass against scratches, hard water stains, discoloration, and other hazards. 

Ask your shower door enclosure installation technician about the coating options available for your new shower glass. Choose the ones that will not only protect the glass but also help to minimize the amount of cleaning you'll have to do.

Clean The Glass After Every Shower

Every time you shower, the water residue on the glass can leave mineral deposits and water spots. This can cause your shower door to look hazy or discolored over time. You can avoid this entirely by cleaning the inside of the shower glass after every shower.

Keep a spray bottle in your bathroom with a mixture of dish detergent, vinegar, and water. Spray the shower walls after every shower, then use a squeegee to clean the glass. This ensures that your glass stays free of water spots and streaks, and it removes any kind of residue including hard water deposits.

Maintain Adequate Airflow

Airflow in your bathroom is important because it will help reduce the risk of mildew growth on your glass shower doors. The rubber trim around the doors can be particularly vulnerable to mildew when moisture is allowed to remain in the bathroom. Avoid this risk by ensuring that there's adequate airflow in the bathroom after showers. Leave the shower door open until it dries out, and keep the exhaust fan running for a little while after your shower as well.

The sooner your shower door and the door trim dry out, the less risk there is of any kind of mildew growth. At least once a week, you should clean the exterior of the shower door and clean the trim. Wipe the inside surface of the door trim as well so that you eliminate any residue that could potentially cause mildew growth.

These are some of the most important considerations when it comes to keeping your glass shower doors in good condition. The better prepared you are, the longer your shower doors will last.

For more information, find a company that offers glass shower door services in your area.

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