How Much Does It Cost To Install Glass Shower Enclosures?

By now, you are aware that modern homeowners are installing glass shower enclosures to make their bathroom spaces appear classier, bigger, and more spacious. This also allows them to enjoy other benefits like low maintenance, easy customization of bathroom space, and enhanced safety.

If you're considering glass shower enclosures, you might be wondering how much you have to pay to enjoy all these benefits. Continue reading to learn what goes into the pricing of shower enclosures. 

The Quality of Glass Used

The quality of glass will determine the price of your shower enclosure. The higher the quality of glass, the more you're likely to pay. Ensure the glass used for both the shower enclosure and the door is tempered. This way, even if a major impact were to hit the glass, it would break in chunks instead of tiny pieces. This protects you from glass cuts and injuries. 

If you want the glass covered with an antimicrobial coating, low iron, or any other coating, it may also reflect in the price. Additionally, thicker glass is usually more aesthetically appealing and can support more weight than thinner glass, which may also cost more.  

Does Your Bathroom Come With a Door?

Generally, there are two options for glass shower doors—framed and frameless shower doors. Framed doors are less expensive than frameless doors with a price range between $190 and $500. They may be your best option if you're operating on a budget. 

However, if you're looking for a modern bathroom space that gives you a feeling of openness and multiple options for customization, a frameless shower door is your best bet. You may have to part with $300 to $3300 though. If you want the frameless door feeling, but your budget is limited, you can also choose a semi-frameless door for a slightly reduced price.

Size, Style, and Design of the Bathroom

Large-sized bathrooms typically require more glass, meaning they are likely to be more expensive than compact bathrooms. On the same note, the more complex your design is, the more you're likely to pay due to the extra materials and time needed to produce the desired outcome. For example, curved glass shower enclosures command a higher price than the standard right-angled glass shower enclosures. 

Overall, there are multiple factors that determine the cost of glass shower enclosures. Therefore, talk to a glass service, such as Kauffman Glass and Mirror, about your needs to determine the budget needed for your specific project. 

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