The Top Benefits Of Sliding Shower Doors

Shower doors are standard in modern households. These bathroom enclosures are favored because they are classy and easy to install. Glass shower enclosures also come in many different styles, leaving you spoilt for choice. However, one of the features you should be keen on when choosing a glass shower enclosure is the type of door. Here are some reasons you need to consider installing a bathroom with sliding shower doors.

No Need for Shower Curtains

One of the most notable benefits of sliding shower doors for your bathroom is that there is no need to have shower curtains. Although these curtains have an attractive facet in many bathroom spaces, they easily attract mold and mildew. This occurs if damp curtains don't dry out.

A moldy shower curtain also ruins the aesthetics of your bathroom. For the sake of hygiene, especially in a large household where many people use one bathroom, you should opt for sliding shower doors.

Helps Prevents Puddles

Some bathroom floors are left with puddles of water after a shower. This can be hazardous, especially on slippery tile floors. The resulting grout on the tiles can also promote mold growth.

Water can drain out of the shower when you open a hinged door. On the other hand, shower curtains don't offer sufficient coverage to keep water from moving out of a shower enclosure. However, with sliding doors, all the water is enclosed in the shower space during and after you bathe.

Make Your Bathroom Stylish

Removing old shower doors and curtains is a cost-efficient way to update your bathroom to modern standards. By installing sliding shower doors, you avoid the need to spend a fortune on a full-scale renovation.

Furthermore, sliding doors have different styles, leaving you with various options. The most popular are frameless and framed glass shower doors. Sliding doors are also available in many different patterns. 

Easy Cleaning and Maintenance

Shower curtains get damp and filthy quickly. Hinged shower doors are also challenging to maintain because you need to step in and out of the shower compartment to clean them properly. But, the time it takes to clean and maintain sliding shower doors is minimal.

The doors slide open, simplifying the process of spraying and wiping them. You also don't need expensive solutions to keep them sparkling. While most glass doors need chemical laden-liquids to look clean, you only require water and a simple cleaner for sliding shower doors. This means they are cheaper to clean and maintain. 

Contact a contractor for more information on shower doors.

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