Three Popular Shower Door Frame Finishes

While a lot of homeowners like the sleek and modern look of frameless shower doors, you shouldn't overlook the value that a shower door with a frame can add to your shower enclosure and to your primary bathroom as a whole. When you visit a supplier that specializes in shower doors, you'll see all sorts of frames. The width of the frames can vary from door to door, as can the finish. Here are three popular frame finishes that you can expect to see available — each of which can be a good visual fit in the right bathroom.


Chrome is a popular material in many bathrooms, with a number of fixtures and decorative pieces being made of chrome or made to look like chrome. If you have a faucet, towel racks, and other elements in this space that have a chrome finish, you might feel that a chrome frame around your new shower door works well in this space. The bright, shiny finish of this material can have a sparkly appearance, especially in a well-lit bathroom.

Brushed Aluminum

You can also expect to see a lot of shower doors that have brushed aluminum frames. This is another material that you'll find in numerous areas in lots of bathrooms. Homeowners who don't favor the flashiness of chrome will often gravitate toward brushed aluminum fixtures and decorations. For example, you might have overhead lighting in your bathroom in this material, and it's possible that you even have some tiles in your backsplash that have a brushed aluminum finish. Brushed aluminum can often have a modern appearance, making it work well in a bathroom that you've decorated in this style.


Few styles can provide contrast to the lightness of your new shower door to the same degree as a black frame. Even if the frame is thin, the black will stand out and help to highlight the shower enclosure — something that may be exciting for you if you're shopping for a new shower door as part of a major bathroom remodel. You'll find that the appearance of the black frame can vary. Some black frames have a glossy, metallic-like finish that can add a sparkly look to your bathroom. Another option is a matte black frame, which can have more of a modern style. To browse these and other shower door frame styles, visit a bathroom supply store in your area.

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