4 Things To Consider When You Are Having Your Car Windshield Replaced At Work

One of the biggest benefits of mobile car windshield replacement services is you can schedule the work so it is done while you are at work. This means you won't have to waste any of your limited free time waiting around at a glass shop. There are a few things to keep in mind if you plan to schedule a replacement at your place of business, though.

1. Verify the Service Window

Glass sealants need to cure in place for several hours before the car can be driven. For this reason, it is better to schedule the replacement early in your work day so that the sealants have plenty of time to set up before you finish work for the day. Some services may schedule a specific appointment time, while others schedule a service window (usually two or three hours) in which the glass tech will arrive. Verify that the service window won't stretch too late into the day to interfere with initial curing.

2. Check for Necessary Access

The installer will need some room around your vehicle in order to complete the work. This usually equates to there being at least one empty parking space on all sides of the vehicle. If necessary, arrange with your employer to reserve a few parking spaces on the day of the replacement. Otherwise, you may need to park further out in seldom-used areas of the lot or move the car to a better location once the installer arrives.

3. Consider Weather Challenges

One of the bigger challenges when it comes to replacing the glass while you are at work is that many parking lots are fully exposed to the weather. Your glass installer won't be able to complete the replacement if it's raining or snowing due to all the moisture, for example. Direct sun isn't usually a problem, as many mobile installers erect a canopy over the car to protect the sealant as it initially cures. If you have access to a parking garage, this can provide a protected location for the glass replacement. 

4. Plan for Aftercare

It can take up to 48 hours for the glass to fully cure in place. During this time, the car shouldn't be exposed to rain or moisture, nor should it be parked in direct sunlight for an extended period of time. You can usually drive the car, although it's best to avoid rough roads. Make sure you have somewhere safe to park the car during this time period so that the glass sealants can cure properly.

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